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Alternatives for the IB Diploma Program


If a student has successfully completed the (I)GCSE or IB-MYP but is not admitted to the IB-Diploma Program, the MBO (= secondary vocational education; duration 3-4 years) might be a good option. In The Netherlands students can follow several English language programs in e.g. Business and Hospitality.


Students with the (I)GCSE Diploma (with at least 4 subjects at A* - C) or GCE (with two subjects at AS-level) are eligible for admission to a so-called University of Applied Sciences (3rd level vocational education).


The IB-Organisation has developed a new curriculum, the IB-CP/ IB Career-related Program, see www.ibo.org/programs/career-related-program) as a less academic alternative for the IB-DP for the final two high school years. Students with an IB-CP diploma will likely be eligible for admission to the universities of Applied Sciences. The British Secondary School in Voorschoten (which is a private school) already offers this program in Business and Hospitality.