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of subsidised international schools in the Netherlands


International Education in the Netherlands


Under Dutch law, education is mandatory for all children of all nationalities residing in The Netherlands from five to at least eighteen years of age, until a diploma has been obtained.
In order to make international education more accessible to foreigners who live here for a few years, the Dutch government started subsidising international departments at regular Dutch primary and secondary schools in the country. Nowadays, you will find quite a lot of subsidised international schools, which feature an international curriculum taught in English according to the international standard, at relatively low yet mandatory and non-negotiable fees. School fees of the DIS schools are a lot cheaper than fees paid in the private international schools.
The DIS/ Dutch International Schools offer, for their primary and secondary schools, various curricula.


For children 4-11 years of age, the Dutch International Primary Schools/DIPS all offer the IPC/ International Primary Curriculum or the IB-PYP/ IB Primary Years Programme.


For children 11-16 years of age, most of the Dutch International Secondary Schools/DISS offer the IB-MYP/IB Middle Years Programme, followed by the IBDP/IB Diploma Programme from 16-18 years of age.


RISS Rotterdam and IS Twente are the only 2 Dutch International Schools that offer, instead of the IB-MYP for 11-16 years of age, a Cambridge based education. Cambridge curriculum consists of the IMYC/ International Middle Years Curriculum, a known and highly regarded 3 years long foundation programme for children 11-14 years of age. For children 14-16 years of age, the IMYC is followed by 2 years of the Cambridge based IGCSE/International General Certificate of Secondary Education programme.


After the IGCSE diploma students 16-18 years of age can follow the 2 years long IB-DP/ IB diploma programme. Besides, at the IS Twente, students can also opt to follow the British A-levels programme instead of the IB-DP. Both programmes result in a globally recognized diploma that prepares for an university education.